"I feel a connection with the materials I work with. I like to think of myself as an alchemist, inspired by the properties of precious metal and the way it can be transformed." - Andrea Blais

Drawn to the intimacy and emotional element of jewellery, Andrea Blais has a minimalist approach to design. Distilling an idea to it’s purest form, her pieces are hand sculpted in Canada using both traditional goldsmithing techniques and modern technology. Through a meditative process, Andrea coaxes beauty from fine materials with calm inspiration and careful technique.

Growing up on the prairies in Alberta, Canada, Andrea developed an appreciation for the diverse landscapes and abundant beauty of natural form. This inspiration was fostered when she began her arts degree and ultimately graduated  with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction from the Alberta College of Art + Design in Calgary. She currently works and resides in Kelowna, BC.